36,000 Vehicle loans for both private and business users
4,000 Approved dealer partners
01. About We’re here to ensure all used car dealerships can deliver a better car finance experience for their customers. By taking the Connected approach to car finance, you will find it easier to present finance solutions to your customers, with more flexibility and transparency, plus you can choose how involved you want to be. This is because Connected can provide full, direct customer service where you can step out of the process, if you’d like to of course.
02. Values Fast We know that you’re busy, and that customers are keen to get motoring, that’s why we will deliver the best customer service and feedback facts and finance…fast. We can do this because we’ve got the most rapid tech and the most streamlined processes. Make an enquiry
Fair Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m happy with my current finance provider, why change?” Which is fair enough. But we can offer you increased options for your customers, plus more profit and conversions for you, with less confusion for everyone. Now that really is fair. Make an enquiry
Forward-thinking When it comes to car finance, we believe that used car dealerships should receive the same standard of service and innovation as franchised dealers. Which is why we’ve used the latest technology to enhance the customer experience, and improve compliance. Make an enquiry
Vital statistics
of customers were eligible to e-sign finance documents at home
‘up time’ for our dealer-centric software 'Circuit' in 2017
of proposals were ‘soft searched’ within 60 seconds of receipt
of dealerships rated our service as being 10/10 on their deals

03. Funders

Count on us

We can offer some fantastic finance packages to suit all budgets and requirements, We have access to the biggest lenders throughout the UK. They trust us with our excellent reputation throughout the motor industry and our desire to make sure we stock the best range of used cars available . We connect you with a range of flexible finance options, which allows you to lend, and customers to buy in complete confidence.

Local used car dealers have been trusted members of the community for years, you can count on us to help you stay that way.

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